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about us


COSWHEEL is a team of bicycle enthusiasts who share the same ideals and ambitions.
We pursue fashion, love creativity, and are good at using the Internet to find new things, capture the sense of tide.
A team with dedicated designers, always has a belief in the heart-, the design center is where I am.
And this dedication always pays attention to the group of people who love life.
The design center needs to conceive and finalize the most perfect elements in the heart, so as to deliver this beautiful design feast to people's hearts.
People share this feeling, and we can feel the joy.
We have always wanted to design and produce a model with our own soul, a model built by our team, and be a craftsman in the world of famous e bike. 

Riding life begins here

We are integrated with the city every day, and the quality of the urban environment is directly related to our physical and mental health.

the cars in the city are full of all the streets and alleys.

For this, our paranoid design feelings have to stand up and give the city traffic a perfect electric bicycle riding life gift.

in 2016, the first electric bike of COSWHEEL was successfully developed. our stylish and individual city electric bicycle riding life begins here...

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