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World Car Free Day

World Car Free Day

22 September is World Car Free Day, when all around the world towns and cities allow people to experience streets free of motor traffic.

Drivers need to learn to share the road.

Why do we celebrate World Carfree Day?

Ever since the first vehicle rolled onto the streets in 1886, the world has had a love-hate relationship with the motor car. Today, with over one billion motor vehicles on the roads around the globe, it sometimes seems as if we cannot escape the pollution, noise and danger that they produce.


Car Free Day aims to take the heat off the planet for just one day by encouraging people to be less dependent on their cars and try alternatives.


It's a great chance to re-imagine our streets around people.

Imagine a street where you didn't need to watch your back for cars and you had the whole expanse of the road to enjoy with your neighbours.


World Car Free Day is also beneficial in terms of promoting other modes of transport, such as cycling. 

Bikes or Ebikes provide a whole host of benefits that many may not think of whilst initially considering their purchase. First and foremost, they are obviously a great way to ensure that you stay healthy and participate in some exercise. This is something which is becoming increasingly harder nowadays because most activities revolve around sitting indoors and playing on video games. Instead, by switching your car for a bike when taking your journey to work, for instance, you are going to be able to add some exercise and fresh air to your routine. You will do this without impacting your schedule or having to find more hours in the day.


Benefits of using cars less and cycling/walking more often:

  • Helps the environment.
  • Reduces air pollution.
  • Quieter towns and cities.
  • Helps you stay healthy and get some exercise.
  • Cycling develops balance and coordination skills.

How can I get involved in the celebrations on World Carfree Day?

This year, due to unforeseen circumstances, a lot of the activities and celebrations have been put on hold. However, this is the perfect opportunity to give up the car for the day! There are so many activities.

  • Road cycling competition: Don’t worry about the danger of a car collision behind you, just release the energy in your body.
  • Mountain bike adventure: meet up with three or five friends, come to the mountains and forests, and add some adventure that you don't usually have in life.
  • Dating on the beach: get a ride with your loved one to go to the beach and watch the sunset.
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