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Never limit yourself: Chasing the wild at All times

Never limit yourself: Chasing the wild at All times

Never limit yourself: Chasing the wild at All times

As a baby, it is what pushes you forth to learn how to crawl and walk. Exploring the environment is natural even to toddlers. As we grow up, we yearn for more excitement and thrills as teenagers. And one day, we notice we’ve become adults, with jobs and families and responsibilities. That original spirit of adventure is quieter. But it’s still there, just waiting to be found. 

 Understandably, we slow down as we get older. We have less energy and less time to do the adventurous things we once took for granted. We cannot simply hop in a car and go on a road trip or learn a new extreme sport. It begins to seem silly to do something as normal as climb a tree. But we must find ways to kindle that inner fire of passion and wanderlust that has become smaller over the years. We must find new ways to grow and challenge ourselves. The human body is not meant to sit in rest. It is meant to stay in motion.  

 Limits are only known once you’ve passed them. And you will only pass them by believing it is possible. That is the only requirement. By cultivating a daily connection to the wild and natural world can we truly live in harmony with our souls and continue this healthy pattern of growth. This friendly reminder to stay wild is brought to you by Coswheel.


Keep Pushing Your Boundaries

Have you ever learned a new skill or mastered some complex problem you were initially scared of? It happens all the time. From the moment we are babies, we are constantly pushing our boundaries to grow. Remaining within our comfort zone feels good in the short term, but it wreaks havoc on our minds and bodies in the long run. 

 Don’t let fear stop you from doing something new. It may be uncomfortable at first, but by taking that first step towards growth you will soon master whatever new endeavor you set out to do. Whether it is getting back on a bike for the first time in decades, or asking someone out for a date, you will only find your boundaries by crossing them. And as your circle of competence expands, more doors will open to you and you will feel confident in more areas of life. 

 Growth is a compounding force and often leads to the most fulfilling lives. Just observe the human body during a bout of exercise. During the heat of the moment, your muscles may grow fatigued. They may scream out in agony and protest that you shall not pedal one moment longer, and force you will rest. But the next week, when you attempt the same ride again, you will find it is a little easier because your muscles have grown a little stronger. Day by day, this growth is guaranteed if you stick with your plan and continue pushing the boundaries of your body and mind.


Keep in Motion

All living things must grow or die. We are in a constant state of motion from the moment we are born until the moment we pass away. But some of us stop moving much as we get older. Our bones are more brittle and we wake up more sore than we used to. This is only because we are out of practice. 


By moving each and every day, we can fight off the vines of old age that seek to hold us in place. By exercising and eating healthy, we will have the energy to do whatever activity we choose. And with a healthy body comes a strong immune system which will further allow us to explore and test our limits because we won’t be sick as often. Even if we do catch a cold or fall ill, our body will respond faster and with more efficiency until we are healthy again. This is the long-term gift that movement gives us all, if only we choose to accept it. 


Always Choose the Adventure

There will come a day. Maybe tomorrow. Maybe next year. You will be called to do something you’ve never done before. An adventure! It may sound scary at first, or sound like a hassle. But if you really think about it, you are only given so many opportunities like this to do something you have never done before. And by mentally preparing ahead of time to say “Yes!” to this new adventure, you will be much more likely to do it and gain from it.

 It may be something as simple as a call from a friend asking to go for a walk. Or it may be something as grand as a biking trip across the country. Whatever it is, endeavor to keep an open mind when you are asked. In this way, you will already be primed for the adventure you’ve always dreamed about when the opportunity knocks on your door.


We hope that you, too, can experience this passion for the world we inhabit. Whether atop one of our e-bikes or in a way of your own choosing, the important thing is that you do it and keep doing it. So, here’s to you. May you stay wild and free.

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